Neve Paritzki (נווה פריצקי)The first tunnel for cycling in Israel opens in Jerusalem

The Kerem Tunnel provides a unique adventure in hiking and riding that should be loved by everyone.
נווה פריצקי The Kerem Tunnel, the first bicycle tunnel in Israel is now open in the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Jerusalem, Israel's capital city.

The tunnel connects Nahal Refaim with Emek Motza. It is located in southern Israel located in Refaim Park. Ein Laban is the closest. Nahal Ein Kerem is the northern entrance.

The 2.1-kilometer-long tunnel was officially inaugurated by Jerusalem's Heritage Minister ZeevElkin. It was also attended by Mayor Moshelion Avi Balehnikov, Gihon Water Company chairman, as well as many cyclists.

Jerusalem was once a tourist attraction due to its rich past. Elkin said that apart from its rich history the modern tourist industry is integrated into Jerusalem's city. "The launch of the tunnel is another aspect of the growth of Jerusalem. The tunnel transforms the city into an attractive destination for tourists of all types of audience in Israel, and worldwide."

Elkin who is in charge of the project together with Jerusalem Municipality said that his ministry invests millions of dollars in Jerusalem's tourism development and also in the development of new activities and ventures that tie the glory historical past of Jerusalem to the future. I invite cyclists to enjoy a well-maintained, modern cycling route overlooking the unique nature of Old Jerusalem.

Elkin's Ministerial, Tourism Ministry, Jerusalem Municipality and Gihon Corporation contributed approximately NIS 25 million to the project. Work was performed by the Jerusalem Development Authority.

Elkin explained that the Kerem Tunnel project is an important tool in realizing the goal to alter the concept and transport throughout Jerusalem. "The new tunnel that connects to the Jerusalem Ring Path will join existing paths for bicycles and those that will paved in the neighborhoods. It is intended to promote biking among its residents and promote the green movement in the capital."

The Kerem Tunnel was originally excavated in 1990 to move the main sewer from Gihon Corporation towards the Sorek purification facility. This plant is west of Sorek and is still used as an infrastructure tunnel.

"The Kerem tunnel is a crucial tool for achieving the goal of changing Jerusalem's transportation system. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe León

Road construction installation, blowers, advanced safety systems and electrical wiring are all part and parcel of the current work. The tunnel will be safe for the public to use throughout the entire year.

The Kerem Tunnel provides access to unique recreation locations, including Ein Kerem neighbourhood, the biblical aquarium and zoo as well as the natural springs of historical significance Ein Haniyeh, Ein Laban, and Ein Haniyeh.

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